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The Multi-Function Stun Gun That Protects Your Personal Safety in Four Ways

If I were to tell you that there was a stun gun that could protect you in four ways you would probably laugh at me and think I was nuts. Go ahead, laugh but the last laugh will be me because there is such a device that is turned out to be a godsend for women’s personal safety and personal security.

The self-defense product is a stun gun producing 4.5 million volts. In addition, it has a super bright LED flashlight that can disorient or temporarily blind an attacker. It also has 110 dB personal alarm that can be used to scare away an attacker and alert people in the area of your distress. And lastly, a feature that no other self-defense product has that we know of-red emergency flashing lights. That is four ways to defend you in one product.

According to Wikipedia, “an electroshock weapon is an incapacitant weapon used for incapacitating a person by administering electric shock aimed at disrupting superficial muscle functions.”

A stun device should be applied to six preferred areas; the area around the upper shoulder, under the rib cage and the upper hip on both right and left sides. That is for maximum effectiveness, but in fact, a stun device when applied anywhere inflicts a certain amount of pain and then paralyzes the body temporarily by depleting it of all blood sugars. The effects can last as long as 45 minutes.

You would have to get at least two and possibly three products to get all the features in this one multifunction device. The alarm is loud enough to be heard from as far as a half a mile away. The bright flashlight can temporarily blind an attacker, signal that you are in distress or just light the way when you need a flashlight. The blinking red emergency lights are located on each side of the device and can act as a real deterrent from attack from the bad guys.

It has the popular disable pin wrist strap which, when used correctly, can prevent the device from being used against you should it be taken away in a confrontation. This device is manufactured by Stun Master which backs up all its’ products with a lifetime warranty. And if you need another reason to get it, it is rechargeable so no batteries are ever needed.

So stop shopping around for different products that can do what this one can do all by itself. It can defend you in four ways and provide for your personal safety and personal security.

The 4.5 million volt Multi-Function Stun Gun can protect you in four ways.

We have 110 powerful Stun Devices to choose from for your personal safety and security. You owe it yourself to take a look at them.

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