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The Four Best Selling OC Spray Brands

In case you didn’t already know this, pepper sprays are the most popular self-defense item in the world. They have been used literally for decades by the military and law enforcement agencies for crowd control and criminal apprehension. Only since the 1960s have pepper sprays been widely available for civilian self-defense.

They use a derivative of the cayenne pepper-one of the hottest peppers in the world-called oleoresin capsicum or OC. This derivative, when it contacts the body, causes an intense burning sensation, tearing of the eyes, coughing, choking and has been known to cause some nasty language coming from the assailant.

In general, OC sprays are measured in what is called Scoville heat units or SHUs-a common measure of hotness. Almost all pepper sprays are at least 2 million SHUs. Some, like Fox brand sprays, are 5.3 million SHUs. Another measure of potency is the level of concentration of the oleoresin capsicum. Most sprays use a 10% concentration and some like “Wildfire” brand are as hot as 18%.

Mace brand pepper sprays are the most widely recognized. They are probably the biggest selling sprays of them all. But “Fox” brand sprays have a steady following and are used by a lot of police agencies. “Guard Dog” is an up-and-coming brand that is highly thought of.

OC sprays have different disbursement methods. A mist or stream is the most common but a fogger and a gel are popular too because they hold up a little bit better in outdoor situations.

Here are four of the best-selling favorite defensive sprays for self-defense, personal security and personal safety.

First is the Streetwise two in one 17% spray. It has 2 million SHUs. This pepper spray has a built-in clip and key ring for easy carrying. It contains a marking dye for assailant identification and has enough OC for 7-9 one second bursts up to 7 feet away. This is a very popular product at only $4.95.

Second is the Fox lab’s 5.3 million SHU police pepper spray. It is billed as the worlds’ hottest pepper spray used by police departments all over the country. It has enough OC for 18 half second bursts in this two ounce canister and fires a heavy stream up to 20 feet away. This is the only spray that I know of that makes a claim that is compatible with the taser or electronic control device. It has a three-year shelf life.

Third is a “Pepper Shot” half ounce key release. It is a 10% concentration of OC spray at 2 million SHUs. It can spray up to 8 feet away with 5 one second bursts for only $4.95.

And fourth is the Guard Dog three in one spray. The three being pepper spray, military tear gas and invisible UV dye. It has enough OC spray for 7-9 one second bursts up to 12 feet away. It has a 36 month shelf life as well.

Those are four of the best-selling pepper sprays. They are all extremely effective at providing self-defense, personal security and personal safety.

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