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Small Business Security: Safes – Securing Your Assets

As a small business owner for most of my life, the hardest thing next to making money is keeping money. What do I mean by that? It takes a lot of effort to grow a business, to get to a point where you have customers. They of course generate sales which generate cash. That is the most difficult part of the business. But the second most difficult part of a business is small business security-to safeguard your assets, particularly cash.

There are several different kinds of safes that can be used for small business security. Here are the main types of safes; burglary and fire, high-security, data, depository, wall, vaults and in-floor safes. There are probably others but those are the main types of safes that can be used for small business security or any other kind of security for that matter. Diversion safes and hidden safes are mostly for home use. They are very effective for home security but not what we’re talking about here.

Most safes these days used for business security have a fire rating of at least two hours at 1,700 degrees. Most insurance companies will not tolerate anything less. And to be sure, insurance companies have a lot to say when they’re insuring a business.

Floor safes are very effective and are built right into the foundation of your business. So unless your business already has one, it is too expensive to dig up the foundation and put in a floor safe. Wall safes are convenient but are usually limited to relatively small areas.

One of the most common are Deposit/Drop Safes that are made of high quality solid steel. These allow for frequent drops during a workday for high cash volume businesses. It allows clients and customers to securely drop payments or keys. They have programmable keypad locks that ensure ultimate security to deter burglars and provide a temporary lockout if combinations are entered incorrectly. Some electronic keypads can be programmed with different combinations to allow for multiple users. Some have heavy-duty dead bars to prevent door removal if there is a forced entry attempt.

The front loading money drop makes this an ideal safe allowing clients and customers to deposit payments or drop-off keys without allowing access inside the safe. Interior measurements vary with the size of the safe. Keypad and dial lock options are available and an anti-fish baffle prevents theft through the deposit door.

Whatever type of small business you have a safe is a necessity to secure your assets.

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