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Sexual Assault on a College Campus: Why it is Such a Hot Topic

We have done a lot of articles lately on sexual assaults on college campuses. There are a few reasons why this is such a hot topic. In this article we will discuss why assaults on college campuses are such a popular topic to write about and discuss what we think is a viable solution to at least part of the problem.

The first reason is that so many sexual assaults occur on college campuses. Every study we have ever seen shows that about one in four women suffer some kind of sexual assault in her four years at a University. The perpetrator of those assaults is known to the victims in close to 90% of the cases. Their fellow classmates!

For years women were fearful of reporting these crimes to the University. Fewer than 10% of all sexual assaults ever got reported because the victims were fearful of retribution, of being ostracized and mostly being laughed at. For many, their claims seemed unbelievable, which only made it worse.

Colleges and universities all over the country have struggled with how to deal with this problem. Most don’t deal with it at all but rather choose to sweep it under the carpet by referring these crimes to student handbook guidelines rather than the criminal justice system which is one of the main reasons why it has become such a hot topic. Students have become absolutely irate because of the lack of responsiveness of college officials.

If college officials would allow external community police departments rather than campus police to handle these crimes, penalties would be far more appropriate than a slap on the wrist.

You should understand that the administrators have a vested interest in not publicizing these crimes that occur on their watch on their campus. That vested interest is directly related to fundraising and the reputation of the University.

“Students who commit sexual assault on a college campus are less likely to suffer long-term personal consequences than a student who gets caught drinking and driving” according to one student op-ed piece.

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