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Safety Tip Of The Week-Kids Home Alone Guidelines

Due to the bad economy more sets of parents have to work which means that more kids are left alone at home. That isn’t going to change any time soon because economists predict the economy will not get much stronger in the foreseeable future. If parents know this they can put in place some guidelines now for their kids when they are on their own.

Here are some of those guidelines.

1. Make sure your children know to go straight home after school and not talk to any strangers along the way.
2. Make sure your children know how to use the telephone, locks on the door and all kitchen appliances.
3. Use the experience to build character and self-esteem instead of fear.
4. Have a clear set of ground rules for your kids: what they can do and can’t do.
5. Make sure that your kids know how to dial an emergency number (911) or get hold of a trusted neighbor.
6. Have some emergency procedures in place like what to do when lights go out, etc.
7. Don’t get caught in the trap of leaving a door key under the doormat or the usual hiding place. Get a Professional Hide a Key that can be hidden anywhere in your yard.
8. Install a Home Security System that has a panic alarm.
9. Never let someone into the home without your parents knowing about it and never tell strangers on the phone that you’re home alone.

Follow these guidelines for your children when they’re home alone. Then you and they will both feel more comfortable in what can be a precarious situation.

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