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New Spy Cameras To Keep An Eye On Things

In September 2014 we did an article where we raised the question ‘Is There A Hidden Spy Camera In Your Future?’ Surprisingly, many of our readers never considered getting a spy camera. But as we pointed out in the article, they can serve a multitude of beneficial purposes and may end up being a critical part of your home security plan. You should check out the article to see if there is a spy camera in your future.

The first new product that we are talking about today is this Fake Doorbell Chime Spy Camera that is actually a non-functioning doorbell chime with a hidden spy camera inside that features a user-friendly interface with four recording functions including motion detection. The software in the camera allows for instant email alert and auto image upload to FTP while in the motion detection mode. As many as 32 cameras can be controlled with a single IP address. It is compatible with most operating systems and browsers. It has a range of 300 feet and a viewing angle of 75 degrees.

Some of our other new hidden spy cameras include a fake fire sprinkler, a safety mirror, soundbar, portable box fan, tower fan, portable air purifier and wireless router. One of the points we would like to make with this selection of spy cameras is that they can be hidden inside practically anything, all in an effort to keep people honest. Quite a chore if you ask me!

This next camera is meant for outdoors because it is a Fake Outdoor Rock Speaker Spy Camera with a 720 pixel wide angle CCD color covert camera with the same four recording modes. It uses an 8 GB SD card to record images but will accept up to a 32 GB card that is available. If the memory is full, auto overwrite feature will record over the oldest files. If you are looking for a spy camera that can be used outdoors, this may be what you’re looking for.

This white Fake Electrical Outlet that comes in a beige color also is really a wide angle color CCD camera with four recording modes and three recording speeds to give you your choice of resolutions. It comes with an 8 GB ST card to record images but has the capability of supporting a 32 GB card that is available. All images have time and date stamps built in for timeline building. It uses a 20 hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Wall Plug Cover WiFi Spy Camera
Wall Plug Cover WiFi Spy Camera

And the last new camera that we are reviewing today is this Wall Plug Cover Remote View WiFi Spy Camera that features a one-time software setup. Like most of our new cameras it has a 75 degree viewing angle and a range of 300 feet.

Most of our cameras have four recording modes and are extremely flexible with streaming capability on most mobile devices or PCs. They are compatible with most operating systems and browsers. Additionally, we offer technical support should any difficulties arise.

 Have you ever used a spy camera? We are anxious to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions for us for new spy cameras? Don’t be bashful! 

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