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Is A Survivor Mindset Enough?

Just about every self-defense course will teach you that one of the main things that you need to have in defending yourself is called a “survivor mindset”. But is it enough?

What is a survivor mindset?

It starts with the idea that you refuse to be a victim. You’re not going to become a statistic. You are going to do everything you can to survive an attack. Many self-defense courses overwhelm you with defensive moves, but the end result is you learn nothing.

Some of those things in a survivor mindset are common sense, while others are learned. But here’s what most of them include.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Situational awareness is critical in your self-defense. The importance of this idea cannot be overstated. Know what your limits and your capabilities are.
  2. This idea may seem old-fashioned but, especially for women, when you’re going out plan ahead and go with a friend. There really is safety in numbers.
  3. Park your car under a street light away from bushes, dark corners and hedges. Perverts who prey on women love to catch them unawares.
  4. Before you leave a building to return to your car, stop for a moment and take a look at your surroundings.
  5. Before you return to your car free up your hands by putting your cell phone away and grab your keys which, as we suggest, should have a pepper spray attached to it. We always recommend pepper spray because of its effectiveness, legality, cost and ease of carrying.
  6. Walk with a sense of confidence. Predators can read body language. If you walk with your head down, predators see that as a sign of timidity and weakness. Walk with your head up and look people straight in the eye.
  7. If a predator sees you walking in a parking lot with a sense of confidence and a can of pepper spray in your hand, he will more than likely give you a wide berth which is exactly what you want.
  8. Don’t develop a false sense of security. Having a survivor mindset and following these tips is one thing, but having a backup of some self-defense techniques is another.

We would recommend some self-defense classes that can teach you the basics of self-defense that will get you out of just about any street confrontation. These self-defense videos are narrated and taught by world-class instructors. This one on Jeet Kune DoTechniques is taught by Paul Vunak who has been teaching Navy SEALs, FBI, CIA and SWAT teams for years. Jeet Kune Do was founded by the martial artist Bruce Lee and is often called a “style without a style.” This one-hour video is clear, concise and easy to learn.

And since an overwhelming majority of assaults are against women by a nine to one margin compared to assaults against men, we recommend this Kimber Johnson one hour video specifically geared to women for their self-defense techniques. Ms. Johnson is a lifetime martial artist and assault survivor herself. In this video she teaches defenses against hair pulling choking and being pinned from above. She also teaches defenses against being shoved from any direction. This self-defense video is a great way to learn predator defense and rape prevention techniques.

Having a survivor mindset is an essential to surviving an attack from an assailant. But in our opinion that is not enough. You also need to have the basics of self-defense in your toolbox. There is no better place to learn them than in the comfort of your own home with one of these self-defense DVDs.

 Have you ever employed any of the techniques we mentioned above? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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