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Domestic Violence-What Is Your Escape Plan?

Domestic Violence-What Is Your Escape Plan?

We have been writing about domestic violence for close to 10 years now and much of what was true 10 years ago still holds true today. It is an insidious disease in America; but not just America. It has ravaged every country in the world.Back then we called it an equal opportunity destroyer of lives; that still holds true for today.

I read an article just the other day that talked about the fact that a domestic violence event happens every seven minutes in the state of New Jersey. It’s bad enough for able-bodied women but for women who have disabilities, the numbers skyrocket. It is still the number one cause of death for African-American women between the ages of 15 and 34.

If you are a woman who is homeless, your chances of being domestically abused nearly triple over those who are not homeless.

There are all kinds of laws that are well-meaning to protect women from the ravages of domestic abuse. But the fact of the matter is most women who were abused do not even report these incidents to law enforcement officials.

As a writer who has more than just a passing interest in this topic, it is interesting to me to see that the crime is actually being investigated with much more vigor than it was even five years ago. Of course, this is a big help and emotional boost to women who have been subjected to rumors that the crime goes unpunished and not investigated.

Nearly 30% of all women in the United States are subject to domestic violence. It doesn’t matter what your race, creed, ethnicity, or any other distinguishing feature could be domestic violence affects everyone sooner or later and not just the victims but their extended families.

If you are in a domestic relationship where abuse and violence is commonplace, there are many things that you can do to protect yourself. At the top of that list is to learn how to defend yourself by taking a self-defense course and arming yourself with some self-defense products such as stun guns or pepper sprays.

And perhaps the most critical element of your survival is to develop an escape plan. This plan includes, among other things, making sure that others in your close circle of friends and relatives know exactly what’s going on in your relationship. Document with photos or video evidence the damage that has been done to you physically. Develop a “go package” that contains important documents, a spare set of car keys an untraceable cell phone and other items that you may need to grab at a moment’s notice when the time comes.

Remember, in a domestic violence situation that your number one goal is to survive. Having a close circle of friends that can help is certainly a key, but mostly your survival will depend on you and you alone.

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