Dog Attacks-Little Known Facts And New Ways To Defend Against Them

We ran across an article recently that had some interesting statistics and caught our eye. In this article we will discuss these little-known facts and share with you some ways to survive a dog attack.

Statistics show that more dog attacks are carried out by dogs that the victim is familiar with rather than ones he doesn’t know. Surprisingly most victims are children. Statistically children get bitten by dogs more often than letter carriers. And the ones that do the biting are neighbor dogs or family dogs.

Another surprising statistic is that while most people think that the bigger breeds are the more aggressive, statistics show that in 2012, 15 different breeds were involved in fatal dog attacks.

Of the 78 million dogs in the United States there are 1 million reported dog bites every year. Those are just reported cases. There are an untold thousands of dog bites that never get reported.

Some of the best ways to survive dog attacks are to first learn how to read the dog’s body language. Body language from a dog can give you the best warning signs of an attack. If you see a dog with his tail wagging, this does not necessarily mean he won’t attack. Look for stiff posture, tensed muscles, unblinking eyes and lips curled up over the teeth-all signs of an angry dog.

Many people who are experts in the field state that one of the best ways to get the dog to back off is to give him a sharp, loud aggressive command such as “stop” or “no.” Many dog attacks occur because the animal feels his “space” has been encroached upon. Turn sideways and back away, do not stare at the dog and do not smile because when he sees bared teeth he sees that as a sign of aggression.

This article warned against using pepper spray for a couple of different reasons. First the wind may blow it off course or blow back on you. So be very careful when using it make to sure that you hit the dog with the spray. And not all dogs respond to pepper spray. It has been shown to be ineffective against the more aggressive breeds.

If the dog attacks, do everything you can to stay on your feet. Once you are on the ground the dog has a distinct advantage.

One of the best defenses against an attacking dog is to strike the dog across the bridge of the nose or the eyes with anything that you can find to use as a weapon or any kind of blocking device.

Learning some of these signs of aggression and some of these defensive techniques might save you from serious injury from a dog bite or dog attack.

The two best ways to defend against dog bites and attacks are the Sabre Dog Pepper Spray that has a longer range spray than Mace brand dog spray and the

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller that can repel dogs from as far as 40 feet away.