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Customer Favorite Bear Sprays

We have been writing about bear attacks, bear defense and bear sprays-the best bear attack defense-for over 10 years. So while we wouldn’t consider ourselves “experts” we know a lot about bears and their behavior-what makes them tick!

In the continental United States bears are in all states, some more than others. Black bears are the most common variety and are much less dangerous than brown bears. Polar bears and grizzly bears do not reside in the lower 48 states. Knowing the difference between a black bear and the brown variety can be very important.

The overwhelming majority of encounters with these animals is with black bears who, generally speaking, are just as afraid of humans as you might be of them. They are not nearly as aggressive as other varieties of bears, but when their cubs or food source is at risk they can be especially aggressive.

Bears have highly sensitive noses and can smell food from a mile away. That is why bear spray is the best self-defense against bears you can get. The oleoresin capsicum in bear spray is an extremely pungent smell that repels bears. In study after study bear spray has been shown to be more effective in defending against bear attacks than a 9 mm handgun.

When it comes to bear defense here are the top customer favorite bear sprays. To be on this list we considered the spray range to be the most important criteria. While bears look big and cumbersome, they are surprisingly agile and quick afoot. For that reason the Guard Alaska brand which has a range of only as much as 20 feet did not make our list even though it is endorsed by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.

There are two sprays that have a range of 35 feet which, as far as we can tell, is the longest range of any bear attack defense spray.

The first one is from the most well-known and highly respected manufacturer of pepper spray products Mace brand. This Mace Bear Spray empties 260 gram container in 5.4 seconds, one of the fastest deploying bear defense sprays available.

The second one is Frontiersman brand Bear Attack Deterrent which uses a dual propellant system that empties the entire container in just five seconds making it the fastest deploying bear spray available. It contains the maximum strength of capsaicin and related capsaicinoids allowed by the EPA at 2%. That doesn’t sound like much but it is 50% stronger than most personal defensive sprays. The spray has been field-tested by Brown Bear Resources and at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska.

We always recommend that when you are in the backcountry to have a defense against bears. Bear pepper spray has been proven to be the best bear defense you can get.

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