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$100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!
Today’s offer: :: | $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!
Today’s offer: : :
 $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!

Cheap, Powerful Stun Guns Under Twenty Dollars

There is absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind that when it comes to female self-defense and the personal safety of the women in your life, self-defense products such as stun guns are near the top of the list. And it used to be that a powerful stun gun cost a lot of money. But because of changes in technology and price competition, a powerful stun gun can also be inexpensive-a cheap stun gun.

In this article we will discuss three cheap stun guns which just happen to be three of the most powerful stun devices. They all operate pretty much the same way, but there are subtle differences which may make one more preferable to you than the others.

The first is a disguised cell phone stun device that sells for $19.95 and is 3.5 million volts of hair-raising power. This Cell Phone Stunner is fully rechargeable with a wall plug-in feature that makes recharging a piece of cake. It has a lifetime warranty and comes with a built-in LED flashlight and a suede carrying pouch. It is only 4 ? inches tall and 2 inches wide. To prevent accidental firing there is a built-in safety switch. A disguised self-defense product can give you the added advantage of surprise in an attack which can make the difference between surviving and not surviving.

This Monster Stun Gun sells for $17.95 making it one cheap stun gun. And the 18,000,000 volts makes it the most powerful stun gun in the marketplace today. It has a built-in ultra-bright flashlight that is coated with heavy-duty rubber armor to help ensure a firm grip. It is small at 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It is also fully rechargeable saving you money on batteries.

The Jolt Stun Device sells for an amazing $14.95 making it the least expensive powerful stun gun available. It has two levels of safety built-in with a safety pin which prevents the unit from firing when the pin is not in place and a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. It has a built-in slide out plug that makes recharging easy using a standard wall outlet. It includes a stylish durable nylon holster with Velcro belt loop for easy carrying.

For female self-defense and the personal safety of your loved ones, a powerful stun gun should be near the top of your list.

We have 25 stun guns under $20.

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