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Bear Attacks-Are Guns Or Pepper Spray More Effective In Self Defense?

On 16, August 2011, an article appeared in the Alaska Dispatch newspaper on a grizzly bear attacking seven teenagers in late July. They were in their fourth week of a Wilderness Backpacking Course sponsored by the National Outdoor Leadership School.

The article prompted huge response from people on whether or not the teenagers should have been armed for their backpacking course. They were not. Over 2000 people responded to the article on both sides of the issue.

Proponents of firearms claim you should never go into the back country, especially in Alaska, without a high-powered firearm.

Opponents point out that an aggressive grizzly bear is not necessarily deterred by a little pain caused by a shotgun or a bullet. They added that bites, blows and scratches from two thousand pound grizzly bears are much more deadly than a lead pellet. A bear, even a fatally wounded bear, and still run 30 miles an hour and has been known to attack and kill the shooter.

Bear Pepper Spray continues to be the preferred self defense in bear country. Properly used, bear spray is much more effective than a handgun or rifle.

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