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Dakota MURS Alert™ Portable Probe Alarm System


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Transmits vehicle activity to hand-held transceiver miles away!

Item No: MAPS HT KIT Brand: dakota alert
  • Transmitter sends signal to wireless receiver up to two miles away
  • Mobile MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) receiver works as 2-way walkie-talkie
  • Free, private, legal, license-free 2-way voice between unlimited receivers (for add-ons see Accessories)
  • Add multiple transceivers to widen alert area (both base station and hand-held receivers are compatible transceivers)
  • Easily communicate while out in the field and get alerts wherever you are
  • Ideal for campus patrol, security officers, or large property
  • Probe is buried underground parallel to driveway for low profile monitoring
  • Magnetic probe design detects only vehicles, preventing large animals causing any false alarms
  • Detects vehicles passing by out to approximately 10-12 feet from the buried probe
  • 50 feet of cable allow you to mount the transmitter on a nearby tree or post out of sight
  • Durable, weatherproof transmitter operates in temperatures from -30°F to 120°F
  • Receiver gives off audible alert - "Alert Zone One", "Alert Zone Two", "Alert Zone Three", "Alert Zone Four"
  • Alert message can be selected at transmitter so up to four zones can be monitored simultaneously
  • Multiple transmitters can be used within 4 zones, add as many as required for individual zones for broader surveillance
  • Transmitter powered by six (6) "AA" alkaline batteries (average life of 1 year, not included, See Accessories)
  • Receiver powered by six (6) "AA" rechargeable batteries (included)
  • NOTE: Actual transmission range will vary depending on local terrain.

Additional Description

The Dakota MURS Alert™ Probe Mobile Kit operates wirelessly up to 2 miles away from receiver and transmitter. The mobile receiver which will sound off an audible zone number to alert you which area a vehicle was detected. The receiver will state "Alert Zone One," "Alert Zone Two," "Alert Zone Three," "Alert Zone Four," and multiple transmitters can be added to create up to four zones, or add additional areas within zones for more complete coverage. The transmitter with magnetic probe is buried near the driveway and detects a vehicle coming within 10-12 feet of the probe. When multiple mobile receivers are added, they can be used as two-way walkie talkies, which is ideal for security guards or businesses with various zones that need monitoring. This product is perfect for security officers or grounds keepers.

  • One (1) transmitter with magnetic probe
  • One (1) wireless receiver
  • One (1) charger