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Dakota MURS Alert™ Add-On Portable Receiver


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Hand held receiver plus 2-way radio communication alerts you on the go!

Item No: M538-HT Brand: dakota alert
  • Add-on hand held two-way radio receiver for Dakota Alert® MURS Alert systems
  • MURS (Multi User Radio Service) is two-way radio's best kept secret
  • No license or contracts required
  • Transceiver is also a 2-way radio: Listen for alerts and also communicate with others
  • Signal range of approximately 2 miles (transmission range may vary due to environmental factors)
  • Battery-operated handset lets you monitor several areas from any location
  • Pair with unlimited number of other MURS hand held transceivers (not included, see Accessories)
  • Voice communication with unlimited MURS Alert base radios
  • Up to 4 zones per receiver can be monitored at the same time with multiple transmitter use
  • Audibly alerts you when triggered: "Alert Zone One", "Alert Zone Two", "Alert Zone Three", "Alert Zone Four"
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Receiver screen also includes visual icon to display when alert is received
  • Alerts you to arrival of visitors, delivery, and trespassing
  • Variety of home & business needs: Farms, security guards, daycares, offices, remote residences, & more
  • Keep in contact with those out in the field away from your house or business
  • 5 channels
  • 38 sub channels
  • Easy installation: simple do-it-yourself security solution
  • Powered by 6 rechargeable AA batteries (included)
  • Charging port on side
  • May also be directly powered by 12V DC (will receive but not transmit when plugged in)
  • 1-Year Warranty

Additional Description

With the MURS Alert™ 2-way radio hand held receiver by Dakota Alert® you can monitor huge areas in a snap. It works with an unlimited number of compatible MURS transceivers to receive signals from Dakota transmitters up to approximately 2 miles away and alert you of visitors, deliveries, and unwanted guests. Plus, you can communicate with others who are also using the hand held transmitters, as well as with those using the two-way radio base station receiver. The best thing about MURS Alert™ is these transceivers allow you to operate on free, unlicensed signals that the FCC has kept open to the public, so you never need a contract to keep a close eye and ear on your secured area. The transceiver includes the rechargeable batteries it operates on as well as a charger, plus a wrist strap and belt clip so carrying your receiver around is a breeze. It's also the perfect way to keep in touch with associates, family, or children when on the go in larger areas.

  • Hand held radio receiver
  • Wrist strap
  • Belt clip
  • Six (6) AA rechargeable batteries
  • Charger