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Water damage ruins your day.

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About Flood Water Alarms

Did you know that water damage is one of the leading causes of property insurance claims? Flooding can damage your flooring, your belongings, and even the structural integrity of your home but it’s easily prevented. A flood alarm is inexpensive and simple to install and it might just keep you from dealing with a big wet mess.

A flood alarm works via sensor that connects to a battery-operated alarm. When the sensor comes into contact with the water it emits a high-decibel alarm so you can be sure a flood won’t go unnoticed while you sleep. Worried about floodwater in the basement or a sump pump malfunction? Maybe you constantly forget and leave the bathtub on or you’re worried about the capacity of your hot tub. A flood alarm can be placed anywhere you need it and be activated with just the push of a button.

Some flood alarms come with phone-in capabilities meaning you’ll get a call if they detect a flood. These can be particularly useful for business travelers or vacation home owners – floods don’t always happen when it’s convenient! A flood alarm is an easy, affordable investment in the safety of your home.