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Self-Defense-What Are The Smallest, Most Powerful Stun Guns?

We remember very well the time when we first got started in this business about 10 years ago. The most powerful stun gun was also the biggest for one simple reason-they were all battery-operated. The more powerful you wanted a stun gun to be, the more batteries you needed and the bigger it had to be to hold the batteries. The words powerful and small when describing a stun gun were mutually exclusive-you could have one, but not the other.

Because of amazing technological advances, now some of the most powerful stun guns are some of the smallest. In this article, we will take a look at some of the smallest, most powerful stun guns available.
Women in particular, when looking for a self-defense product for their own personal safety look for powerful stun guns, and because their hands are generally much smaller, prefer the smallest stun guns.

Without a doubt, this SMACK Stun Device is the smallest available. It weighs only 3 ounces and measures 3 inches tall, 1.25 inches wide and .75 inches deep. But don’t let this tiny size fool you. Even though it is the smallest stun gun available it is also very powerful at 16,000,000 volts of jaw-dropping power. It is so small as a matter of fact that it is the first and maybe the only stun gun with a keychain attachment, enabling you to carry it with you no matter where you go. It has two levels of safety built-in with the stun activation button which must be pressed and a safety switch which must be in the on position. It also has an LED flashlight. And did we mention that it’s rechargeable saving you money from the get-go? The fact that it has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty belies the quality of the product.

As of this writing, the JOLT Stun Device is the most powerful stun gun at 86,000,000 volts. It has become a favorite for women for their personal safety. It is available in two colors, black or pink, and it also has a built-in ultra-bright flashlight and safety switch to prevent accidental firing. And just because this is so powerful don’t think that it has to be big. It is only 4.75 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.

Those are some of the smallest, most powerful stun guns for your personal safety available in the marketplace today. Which one are you getting?

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