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 $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!

Self Defense: Most Powerful Stun Guns: The Top Three

Most consumers have heard of tasers. They are an advanced form of stun gun called an EMD or electro-magnetic device. They are really in a separate category from what we will be talking about here. We’re going to take a look at three of the most powerful stun guns so you can see what the differences are and decide which one you want to have for your personal security and personal safety.

They are self-defense weapons that use high-voltage and low amperage to stop an attacker. The higher the voltage, the faster they are able to disable an assailant. They create rapid muscle movement. This rapid work cycle of high pulse electricity uses up all blood sugars that are needed for energy. It also attacks the nervous system that controls muscle movement leaving the assailant disoriented and off-balance.

Since electricity is the mechanism that attacks the assailant’s body, it only makes sense that the more powerful the electrical charge (the higher the voltage) the faster it will work. Here are three of the most powerful stun guns.

The first is one of the smallest stun guns available. It is 3.5 inches tall 1.25 inches wide and weighs only 3 ounces. It has a keychain attachment so it can be with you all the time wherever you go and it is 5,000,000 V of shocking power. It comes in both black and pink. It has a built-in slide out plug that allows for recharging by plugging it into any standard wall outlet. It also has two safety features; a stun activation button must be pressed for it to work and the safety switch must be in the on position. A bright LED flashlight is built into this powerful stun gun.

Streetwise is one of the foremost manufacturers of self-defense weapons such as stun guns and pepper sprays in the country. Their tiny Small Fry is 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and weighs only 6 ounces but is 7.5 million volts. It also is fully rechargeable and has an LED flashlight. It features the popular disable pin wrist strap that women love. This feature when worn properly disengages the firing pin should the stun device be taken away from you in a struggle. It also comes in pink or black.

The third one on our list is the most powerful of any to our knowledge. It is 7.8 million volts in a compact 4 inch tall, 2 inch wide and.75 inch thick package. It has a rubberized armor coating and comes with a nylon carrying case. This is one of the most popular stun devices anywhere. It too comes in pink or black.

These three powerful stun guns are at the top of the list for people looking for a self-defense weapon for their personal safety and personal security.

The Monster Stun Gun is the most powerful at 7.8 million volts and is rechargeable too.

We have 51 Powerful Stun Devices over one million volts to choose from. One of them will be just right for you.

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