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Safety Tip Of the Week-Dog Attack Prevention Tools And Techniques

For the millions of American who love the outdoors and love walking, cycling and jogging outdoors, the biggest threat to them is that of a stray dog. For anybody who has been attacked by a dog you know how frightening it can be. And that fright persists throughout your life every time you see a dog on the loose at least it has for me. I was attacked about 14 years ago and even today when I see a dog running up to me I get a little petrified.

I used to carry the telescopic stun baton and used it on a couple occasions. But I wanted something with a bigger range. So now I carry the Mace Pepper Gun. It has the longest range self defense defensive spray in the world at 25 feet and has enough OC spray in the replaceable canister for seven 25 foot shots. That makes it good defense for multiple assailants or multiple dogs.

5 million Americans every year are attacked by dogs with 1 million of them requiring hospitalization.

The first thing you do you if you see a stray dog is to walk slowly away. Never approach a strange dog. Always let him sniff you first. And never try and pet a dog when it is eating and drinking. Never run away from a dog. Be especially wary if you see more than one dog. Dogs have a pack mentality that feeds on each other and makes them more aggressive.

Learn more about the Mace Pepper Gun and walk, jog or cycle without fear.

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