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Protestors Pepper Sprayed By NYPD

On Sunday the 25 April, 2011 nearly 100 people were arrested or ticketed at multiple locations in New York City for disorderly conduct, blocking traffic and failure to obey a lawful order by a police officer. Several of the protesters were hit with pepper spray.

Pepper spray has long been a staple of police strategies. It is been used for crowd control by law enforcement agencies and military for decades because it is so effective and nonlethal.

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Pepper spray uses the resin of one of the hottest peppers in the world called oleoresin capsicum. A spray in the face with pepper spray causes intense tearing of the eyes, choking, coughing and makes breathing very difficult. The effects can last as long as 45 minutes.

The Fox Pepper Spray is the choice of millions of Americans because it is stronger than Mace, fires a stream up to 20 feet and is used by Police, Law Enforcement, Security, and Military agencies worldwide.

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