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Home Security – The Top Four Best Home Security Tips That You Must Know

For anyone who owns a home-close to 150 million Americans- and another hundred million apartment dwellers, condominium or townhouse owners, home security is a prominent issue in their lives. And the main reason it is such a big issue is because burglary prevention has gained the attention of all of them.

So here are some home security tips that can improve the security of your home or apartment and help with burglary prevention too.

Most burglars are first or second time offenders. The vast majority of them are inexperienced and are either doing it as a challenge to themselves to see if they can do it or to get a quick score that can turn into cash to feed their drug habit. Professional burglars who commit as few as 5% of all home burglaries are much more sophisticated so they are not bothered by the same things that the rookies are.

So for the 95% of all burglars there are four things that give them the most concern. These are the top four secrets the burglars really don’t want you to know.

The first thing that gives them the most anxiety is a barking dog. A home that has a dog inside the home is virtually assured of immunity from burglars. Burglars are so afraid of dogs that sometimes even a sign warning of a vicious guard dog is enough. Many homeowners don’t want to have a dog so a viable alternative is a home burglary alarm that makes the sound of a barking dog when someone enters the protected area.

The second thing that burglars don’t like are cameras. Home burglars do not want to get caught so if they see surveillance or security cameras around the home, they are more than likely to pick on someone else. And believe it or not, fake security cameras these days are so realistic looking that they can do the same thing-prevent a burglary-that the real ones do at a fraction of the cost.

Third on the list that burglars want kept secret is that they don’t like noise. Noise freaks them out. That is why burglar alarms of just about any kind are so effective. The louder they are the better. They actually do two things; scare the bad guys away and alert your neighbors to trouble going on in your house.

And a final secret burglars is that light is a burglar’s enemy. Motion activated spotlights on the outside of the house or timers on the inside that turn lights on or off at random give the would be burglar pause for entering the house because they give the impression that someone is at home.

Almost all home burglaries are committed during the daytime when people are not supposed to be home so the sound of a barking dog or lights that flash on and off are very effective at scaring the bad guys away.

The Barking Dog Alarm sounds when the protected area is violated. Burglars hate barking dogs.

We have 37 Fake Security Cameras to choose from. One of them will work for your situation. Burglars don’t like seeing security cameras either.

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