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Home Security – The Three Most Popular Fake Home Security Cameras

If there is any doubt in your mind about how effective security cameras are for home security or business security, the next time you’re in a business take a look around and see how many security cameras you can spot. They are practically everywhere indoors and outdoors. There is no doubt as to their effectiveness for businesses. Insurance companies almost demand that you have them if you are a business owner.

And the same is true on a smaller scale for home security. They are extremely effective at deterring burglary in the first place. And if the bad guys are dumb enough to break into your house, their picture will be memorialized for law enforcement officials to make an easy apprehension. Some insurance companies give you a price break if you have security cameras around your home to improve your home security.

To my way of thinking the reason more homeowners don’t have them as part of their home security strategy is because they think they’re too expensive. That’s where fake security cameras can save you money. They are only a fraction of the cost of the real thing and just as realistic. No burglar is going to be able to tell the difference with the panning motion and blinking LEDs that most of them have.

Here are the three most popular models.

First is an inexpensive, motorized pan movement and blinking LED camera. It is battery-operated and all you need to install it is a screwdriver and the batteries. When it detects motion it pans back and forth just like a real security camera. The LED light blinks on and off 24 hours a day. The main reason this is so popular is the selling price at $5.95.

The second most popular is the same idea in a dome camera. When motion is detected the blinking LED light starts. It also is battery-operated and sells for $8.95. Dome security cameras are the most popular surveillance cameras in the world.

And third is a  Fake Security Camera that is so realistic, when it detects motion it pans back and forth for 25 seconds and the LED light blinks on and off. It uses two AA batteries so no wiring is needed. It comes with all the hardware needed to mount it and a CCTV sticker you can place in a window near the fake camera.

Those are the three most popular fake security cameras. They will help improve your home security and may save you money on your home insurance.

Check out our complete selection of  Fake Security Cameras. One of them will be perfect for your home.

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