Best Products to Use In Defense Against Dog Attacks

Best Products to Use In Defense Against Dog Attacks

There isn’t a day that goes by in the United States that at least one and usually more people are attacked by a dog or dogs. Dog attacks and dog bites are major problems in this country and are a leading cause of people being hospitalized for at least emergency room treatment.

As a matter of fact, on a daily basis over 300 people are admitted to hospitals for stitches and/or treatment for rabies. And believe it or not, that may be the easy part. The psychological effect on people who’ve been attacked by a dog or had a dog bite is substantial and quite frankly never seems to go away. Why do I say that?

Many years ago I got between two dogs that were family “pets.” They were having a fight very close to one of my small children. I intervened to protect my child. It cost me a trip to the emergency room and 80 stitches in my forearm. Not that I could have done anything to protect myself, but at that point in my life I was completely unaware of products could help protect me for my own personal safety and personal security. To this day I cringe when I see a dog running up to me.

That is why I always carry a self-defense product with me that can protect against a dog attack or dog bite. For a few years, the telescopic stun baton was effective up to a point. When it was activated it extended out 2 feet with close to 2,000,000 volts of power. The only problem as I saw it was it had to be close to the dog to apply it-not a pleasant thought. The only time I ever had to use it I activated it and the crackling sound that it made with the sparks flying off the end was enough to scare the dog away. It sounded something like a rattlesnake.

Now I carry a pepper gun that has a range of 25 feet and enough 10% solution of debilitating spray in its refillable canisters to shoot seven shots of 25 feet each. That is enough spray to ward off multiple human attackers or in case you’re a bad shot with a dog, to give you a second chance at hitting a moving target.

One thing I’ve never been able to figure out is why you can get a license to carry a handgun to kill people but some cities and states have restrictions on pepper sprays-give me a break!

This Sabre Brand Dog Pepper Spray is a great defense against dog attacks too.

The Mace Pepper Gun is effective against dog attacks because it has a range of 25 feet.

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