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Fortify Your Home With Security Products For Under $700

Fortify Your Home With Security Products For Under $700

See if this doesn’t make sense to you. You have invested nearly $250,000 in your home-that’s the average value of a home these days. You have another $60,000-$70,000 in furnishings, fixtures and equipment for that home. That brings your total investment to well over $325,000-a lot of money! And what type of security do you have for that investment?

It makes sense, to us at least, to invest another $600 to $700 to fortify your home and furnishings with some home security devices.

Here are our recommendations for home security devices that you can get for less than $700.

You may be asking yourself why you need to spend any money to fortify your home against burglary or home invasion. That is a legitimate question. Well here’s why! In our article entitled ‘The Ultimate Home Security Guide’ we quoted statistics from the FBI that showed that one in five homes is subject to burglary on an annual basis.

  1. “The FBI tells us that a home burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States and is the most common threat to your home.
  2. Over 60% of all burglaries happen during daylight hours when the burglar thinks no one is at home.
  3. 77% of all crime was property related.
  4. Police tell us that 90% of all burglaries can be prevented.”

Those burglars steal an average $2,000 worth of property and do another $2,000 or more worth of damage to your home. Those are pretty good reasons, in our estimation, to get some home security devices to prevent home burglary.

Experts agree that the best place to start is with a home security/surveillance package. When burglars see security cameras on the outside of a home they tend to stay away.

Start on the exterior of your home with our $499.99 system. It uses four Security Cameras With No Wires featuring the SecurityMan® digital wireless 4 camera security system that is a 2.4 GHz do-it-yourself digital wireless recording system with a compact 7″ LCD monitor which has a built-in SD digital video recorder.

This system can record up to 30 feet away in complete darkness using the infrared LED cameras. It can also record audio up to 30 feet away with a built-in microphone. It has three display modes which gives you maximum flexibility for the four cameras. The weatherproof CMOS color cameras can be set up indoors or outdoors. They have a transmission range of up to 200 ft between walls and 490 ft in clear line of sight. Four cameras are ordinarily enough to cover most homes but this system has the option of adding four more cameras if necessary. The system is simple to operate and only requires an additional SD card that is available HERE from $9.95.

The next home security device we would recommend is inexpensive

Yard Warning Signs that start at $5.95. This is the second step in what we would call a prevention program that starts on the outside of the house sending clear signals to would-be burglars who are looking for potential targets to stay away.

Then for the inside of the house is the six-piece home security set system for $24.95 that includes a motion detector and four window/door alarms-enough to cover the interior of most homes. It also has a sensor and panic button keypad as well as warning sign window stickers. AA batteries are not included. Most burglars-nearly 85% of them-are first or second time offenders and are not used to hearing a loud burglar alarm, which is why they are so effective at scaring them away. A loud alarm can also alert nearby neighbors to trouble.

And last but not least, is the world-famous Electronic Watchdog a.k.a. the barking dog alarm that sells for $79.95. This popular product senses movement through walls, doors and windows to alert you of a stranger’s arrival and can be used indoors in a home, factory, warehouse or anywhere you need real protection with none of the problems of owning a dog. As an intruder approaches, the barking gets louder and more frequent the closer he gets. The motion detection ranges up to 15 feet. A keychain remote is provided to arm or disarm the product. The system allows for great flexibility with a variety of add-on products to expand the capability of this electronic watchdog.

It is a proven fact that burglars do not like dogs and even the sound of a barking dog is enough to scare them away which is why the electronic watchdog is so effective.

So for much less than $700.00-$610.84 to be exact-you can get excellent home security devices to protect your home and the contents from the ravages of burglary and the potential trauma of a home invasion.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most effective tools for securing your home, the Neighborhood Watch Program that was begun in 1972 with funding in part by the National Sheriffs’ Association, through a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. It is a unique partnership between local law enforcement and the civilian community that has proven over time to be highly effective at preventing burglary and other crimes.

The best part is it is free and easy to get started with help from your local police department.

In my piece ‘Is A Monitored Home Security System Worth The Money?’ we concluded that NO it isn’t worth the money to get a monitored home security system when you can get just as effective coverage by doing it yourself and save a pile of money in the process. What is not to like about that?

 What steps have you taken to protect your most valuable investment? Tell us about it.

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