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You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be A Burglar

You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be A Burglar

We often wonder what goes through the minds of some burglars. Apparently not too much! There is no school for burglars that teaches them the do’s and don’ts of how to be successful. It seems that it is a natural ability that most of them don’t have. With absolutely no disrespect intended for McDonald’s, these burglars in this article are two or three french fries short of a happy meal!

Here are some examples.

If you are going to rob a commercial establishment, don’t fall through the roof like this guy did in Houston Texas. He was crawling on the roof, when he broke the smokestack that leads to the grill inside the restaurant. The manager heard the commotion and looked up to see the suspect hanging upside down out of the grill hood. The suspect fell to the ground and attacked the manager who pulled out a gun. The suspect wrestled the gun away from the manager and  escaped but was caught by Houston police as he was crossing the parking lot of the restaurant.

This one may take the cake. Five Bel Air burglary suspects are on the loose after they broke into a home by smashing a window to the master bedroom. They took an unspecified amount of cash, electronics and U.S. passports. Police suspect that they are responsible for several other burglaries in the area. They have a picture of one of the suspects who was caught on surveillance video taking a selfie. DUH!

A woman who was hired to clean a home in Sarasota Florida called 911 after she found a burglary suspect sleeping on the job. In the picture that was taken by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office shown above, you can clearly see a bag full of stolen jewelry next to the sleeping burglar.

In another example of how not to do it, two men successfully burglarized a home and stole jewelry, computers, photographic equipment and musical instruments. They made their getaway unobstructed. Several days later the two suspects tried to pawn some of the items and were captured on surveillance video at the pawn shop. Police are on the lookout for them.

And if you’re going to do a robbery and don’t want to get caught, keep your mouth shut and don’t brag about it. A father-son duo robbed a Minnesota pawn shop of over $200,000 in jewels. They fled to Georgia where someone overheard them bragging and bickering about the crime a week later and noticed all the jewelry and cash that they had. The tipster called the cops. One of the burglars was captured and is charged with three counts of aggravated robbery.

A hidden spy camera disguised as a IPod Docking Station has a high definition camera hidden inside as well as an alarm clock and FM radio is a great way to catch the bad guys once inside your home.

According to police statistics only 14% of all home burglaries are ever solved-mostly because there are no witnesses and the homeowners are not there. But if we have more burglars like the ones mentioned above, that percentage will go up substantially. You don’t have to be smart to be a burglar!

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