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Think You Are Immune From Burglary? Think Again!

Think You Are Immune From Burglary? Think Again!

Many people feel that they may be immune to burglary, especially if they’ve never been a victim. Statistically, all that means is your time is coming. One out of every six homes is a victim of a burglary every year. You don’t want to wait until it happens before you take steps to secure your home. Installing simple home security devices will provide a deterrent to most burglars.

You are not at your home 24/7 and burglars know that which is why most burglaries happen during daytime hours when the homeowners are at work. Installing a home security system can provide peace of mind and help make sure that your home is safe-further ensuring the safety of your family.

In our story that we did last year about Home Security 101 we gave you three reasons why burglaries were so common and strongly suggested that prevention is the key to have good home security. If you are of the opinion that burglars will get in to any house they want to, then the best alternative is to minimize your losses by using diversion safes. That opinion, by the way, is shared by many including some law enforcement officials.

Here we will give you some examples of home security stories that drive home the importance of having home security products.

Our first story comes to us from Palo Alto, California where police are looking for two people who attempted to burglarize a home recently but were scared off by a burglar alarm. The homeowner, a woman in her 40s, heard someone jiggling the door handles on one of the back doors and saw silhouettes through the drapes. She immediately armed her alarm system, called 911 and moved to the front of the house waiting for police to respond. The suspects used a stone garden statue to break the glass door at the back of the house to get inside. That’s when the woman ran out the front door which triggered the alarm and startled the burglars who then immediately fled the scene.

We recommend this DIY Home Security System because it is loaded with features and is an expandable system that allows up to 60 wireless Air-Alarm Add-On sensors to 15 zones with up to 4 sensors per zone. It also has an auto alarm call or auto dialer for up to five phone numbers. It includes a wireless smoke sensor, wide-angle motion detector and magnetic door/window sensor.

In another story from Palo Alto, a woman was sleeping inside the guest house which is located in the backyard of the main house. Her sleeping was interrupted by a man who opened an unlocked sliding glass door. The brave woman interrupts a home burglary by yelling at the intruder. When police arrived they could find no evidence of the suspect.

What is your experience with home burglary? Have you ever been a victim? We want to hear from you!

In Rio Grande Valley, Texas a homeowner arrived at his home to find a window broken, some TVs missing and jewelry gone. He had previously installed security cameras inside his home and upon reviewing the footage saw that the burglars were caught on security cameras.  According to police two of the suspects have already been captured.

Law enforcement officials all over the country tell us that if you have images from a security camera system of a burglar breaking into your home, that your chances improve by over 50% of catching the bad guys.

Our Home Security Cameras can protect your home from the ravages of burglary.

And finally a story from the Chicago Tribune offers up some great

Home Security Tips.

1. First among them is making it time-consuming to break into your house. You can do that by installing strong door locks and deadbolts and securing your windows with locks and security film. Remember that close to 30% of all burglaries occur through unlocked doors or windows.

2. Make it noisy and noticeable to break into your home. Home security products such as motion activated lighting, burglar alarms and a barking dog or the motion activated barking dog alarm are all excellent deterrents to burglary.

3. Keep valuables well-hidden or under lock and key. Burglars spend less than 10 to 15 minutes inside a home and so cannot look everywhere. That’s why diversion safes have become so important. They can hide small valuables such as jewelry, cash and even handguns “in plain sight” where no burglar would think to look. Police tell us that burglars are gravitating more towards untraditional valuables such as bicycles or air-conditioners that are easier to pawn and harder for police to track.

4. Don’t advertise your absence. It is important for your home to have that lived in look even when you’re away. Don’t mention your absence on social media, hold your mail at the post office and have someone mow your yard.

5. Beware of vehicle theft. Cars are especially easy to steal when they are left unlocked. A vehicle theft can occur in 20 seconds. Lock all your valuables in the trunk or inside your house. Park in your garage instead of the driveway or on the street, but if you can’t install a loud alarm to scare away car thieves.

6. And lastly, get a neighborhood watch program going. It is still the most effective tool to fight home burglary. It is easy to do and FREE. Your local police Department can help you get one going.

Share with us your secrets, if you will, about home security. Chime in and be part of the conversation.

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