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The Best Way To Detect Elder Or Child Abuse

Domestic abuse gets a lot of publicity. A little bit over 30% of all women in the country are victims of such abuse. Several years ago when we first started writing about it, it was treated completely differently than it is now. Prosecutors and law enforcement agencies are getting much more aggressive in prosecuting assault cases stemming out of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is relatively easy to prove compared to elder abuse or child abuse, as we shall see later in this article. In domestic abuse, you have a victim who more than likely has injuries or physical signs of harm done to them. That makes it relatively easy for law enforcement officers to see what happened. Plus you have the verbal testimony of the victim and there may even be witnesses.

In elder abuse, many of the victims are Alzheimer’s patients, and most of them are in nursing homes. It is easy for the perpetrator of elder abuse to say that the victim was just imagining what happened and be able to get away with it. That’s the sad thing.

In cases of child abuse the child is often so small as to not be able to verbalize what happened. So you have an adult who is a babysitter or nanny explaining away injuries or other physical signs of abuse. One of our big selection of Nanny Cameras can catch child abuse for legal documentation.

Absolutely the best way and maybe the only way that you can document elder abuse or child abuse is with a hidden camera. A hidden camera provides irrefutable visual evidence of the abuse, which will hold up in court.

The incidence of elder abuse in nursing homes has been swept under the rug for far too long. It has been estimated by one study that close to 60% of all residents in nursing homes have suffered some kind of abuse-either physical, mental, or psychological.

As recently as five years ago hidden cameras were not allowed in nursing homes-legally. But because of the problem of trying to prove elder abuse and the abundance of cases involving death and serious injury due to elder abuse, many groups have lobbied successfully with state legislatures to pass laws that now allow hidden cameras in nursing homes. Oklahoma was the first state to pass such laws.

The purpose of all Covert Spy Cameras is to catch people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. Catching people in the act of committing elder abuse or child abuse certainly falls in that category. That may be the only way that you can protect your loved ones in a nursing home or your child at home.

We have the largest selection of Hidden Spy Cameras in any one place on the Internet.

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