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Why Home Security Products Are So Effective

No matter where you live or whether it is in a home, apartment or condominium you are subject to and could be the target of home burglary. Everyone is susceptible. There is a general misperception that only well-to-do homeowners are targets, when in fact, apartment dwellers are just as readily too.

What are the bad guys after? They are after anything you own that is of value. Their primary targets are things that can easily be pawned and converted into cash such as handguns, jewelry and perhaps collectables. It goes without saying cash and credit cards are high on the list as well.

In this article we will discuss some ways to prevent burglary in the first place and ways to protect your items of value if a burglar does get into your house. We will also discuss why home security products are so effective.

Ways To Prevent Burglary

Walter Shaw was a well-known burglar given credit for over 2200 home burglaries and never got caught in the act. He served 11 years in jail because one of his “partners” gave him up to the police.

In a book that he wrote recently, he admitted that there were two things burglars didn’t like. One is a barking dog. A big guard dog is not necessary when the small yappy ones make just as much noise. The second thing burglars didn’t care for, according to Shaw, was surveillance systems. Most burglars don’t have the brains or know how to disable them before they get into a house. They certainly don’t want to get caught. So when they see security cameras they stay away. And burglars can’t tell the difference between a fake security camera and the real thing so a fake security camera will work just as well.

Ways To Protect Your Valuables

If a burglar does get into your house, and according to Shaw, he could get into any house within 30 seconds without making any noise, the best way to protect your valuables is to hide them in the kitchen. The number one place burglars go is the master bedroom to look for jewelry, cash, credit cards and handguns.

There are products known as diversion safes that are hollowed out containers of well-known kitchen, bathroom and food products that provide hiding places for just about everything up to small handguns.

That is why home security products are so effective. They can prevent burglary in the first place and if the burglar does get into your house, they can prevent your valuables from being stolen.

We have 34 varieties of can Diversion Safes that protect your valuables by hiding them in plain sight.

We also have 32 different Fake Security Cameras that look so real they can fool anyone into thinking they work.

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