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Home Security-Some Great Reasons You Need A Gun Safe

There are an estimated 310,000,000 guns in the United States that are privately owned. That works out to 101.05 firearms per 100 people. Out of 178 countries, the United States ranks number one in those two categories. U.S. citizens own 110 million rifles, 86 million shotguns and close to 114 million handguns.

In this article we will discuss some very good reasons why you should have a gun safe. One reason that we will not discuss is that it just makes good common sense-but that seems obvious. A gun safe can improve your home security by protecting small children from firearms and providing protection from a home burglary.

When burglars enter your home they are looking for items of value such as jewelry, cash of course, collectibles and handguns or even better, rifles. Anything that they can get their hands on, that is of value and can easily be transported out of the house by themselves is fair game. Handguns and rifles fall into that category. They are easy to pawn and generally speaking very valuable.

Gun safes fall under several categories but one of the most popular is the hidden gun safe. Hidden gun safes are objects that are so ordinary looking no one would think that they would hide a handgun. A good example is the Globe Hidden Gun Safe that is a beautiful accessory piece for home or office with a cherry wood base. The interior is 12 inches in diameter and has four vinyl coated rods that can each hold a handgun.

Another example is the Mantel Clock Gun Safe that is a real working mantel clock that has a compartment big enough to hold one handgun.

The second reason that you should have a gun safe for your firearm is child safety. It doesn’t happen that often, but the incidents of a child accidentally discharging a weapon out of pure curiosity is one that is so senseless it has to be avoided at all costs.

Another reason for you to have a gun safe in your home is to prevent homicide from a domestic violence act. The number one cause of women’s deaths during pregnancy in the U.S. is domestic homicide and suicide. Three women every day are killed in the United States by a spouse using a handgun.

As you know handguns are deadly weapons and as such deserve gun security to protect little children, angry spouses and especially deter home burglars. Gun safes, including hidden gun safes, provide the necessary protection to improve your home security.

We have a wide variety of 33 different models of Gun Safes that can handle anything from a single handgun up to one that can hold as many as 45 rifles and handguns.

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