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Tactics of Dumb Criminals

Tactics of Dumb Criminals

We have a lot of fun finding stories about stupid things that criminals do and then sharing them with our readers. Let me assure you there is no shortage of these stories mostly because there is no shortage of dumb criminals. Let’s face it: a criminal mind almost by definition is two or three french fries short of a happy meal!

Before we get into the article take a look at our previous article entitled ‘Are These The Dumbest Criminals?’ and have a good laugh.

Here we will share with you some of the most notable stories about dumb or stupid acts committed by criminals.

The first story is from Phoenix, Arizona where a one-time UPS worker is accused of stealing a package containing a $160,000 diamond and trading the valuable jewel for $20 worth of marijuana. If this isn’t the Dumbest Trade ever made, we don’t know what is. The diamond was eventually recovered and delivered to its intended customer. The UPS brainiac was fired!

The second story concerns a funeral home in New Orleans, Louisiana where a perpetrator broke into the funeral home and stole $700 in cash and thousands of dollars in electronics. He then used one of the home’s black Cadillac hearses as a get away vehicleIt is bad enough that the perpetrator was filmed by the funeral home surveillance cameras. Law enforcement officials had his picture as he moved about the funeral home. It is suspected by his movements that he either worked in the funeral home industry or had someone in the business help him. He gathered up flat screen TVs, computers, cameras and other electronics and loaded it all into the hearse with the funeral home signature purple light on the roof. Gosh, bet that vehicle was hard to find!

The Seattle area police are looking for a Cat Burglar who was captured on surveillance cameras as she falls from the rooftop of the home she was supposedly burglarizing. The burglar was no cat at all because all the noise that the female burglar made woke up the homeowners who then called police. The homeowner’s video surveillance cameras show the woman in her early 20’s about 5 feet five inches tall falling from the roof.

This one from the Boston area where police are looking for a man who broke into several homes over the past few weeks. In every incident there has been an encounter with the homeowner or tenant often in a bedroom. When the resident wakes up the Apologetic Burglar apologizes for being there. Police believe that at some point he may escalate this behavior and potentially become violent. But because of all the encounters police have a good description of the perpetrator.

And then this story out of the Augusta Maine area where an off-duty policeman foiled an attempted burglary because the burglars lost their car keys inside the house they were allegedly burglarizing.

Almost all of these stories involve the use of security/surveillance cameras around a home or business. This inexpensive home security surveillance system with 4 Wireless Cameras And USB Receiver enables you to stream video remotely. The cameras have a range of approximately 300 feet. They are weatherproof cameras and have night vision capability. The four cameras enable you to cover all areas of your house making it the perfect home surveillance system.

Our article entitled ‘You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be A Burglar’ has a few more amazing stories that proves the title.

 Have you experienced any dumb criminal activities? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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