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How To Use Your Hands As A Self-Defense Weapon

We have to admit that the idea for this article came from the very popular sport called Mixed Martial Arts which is a “full contact combat sport that allows both striking and grappling techniques, standing or on the ground” using a variety of martial arts.

It was originally intended as a competition for real unarmed combat situations to find the most effective martial art. It has morphed into a pay-per-view juggernaut that rivals boxing and professional wrestling.

In today’s article we are going to focus on how to use your hands as a self-defense weapon and introduce you to the best striking points for self-defense.

We will focus on the most vital areas or pressure points. The body has three main sections high, middle and low. Here we will focus on the pressure points on the high section which includes the head and neck, considered by many to be the most dangerous target area.

It is true that our online store has the largest selection of self-defense products in one place anywhere on the Internet with a big selection of OC sprays, stun devices including tasers and other lesser-known products that can be used for self-defense in a nonlethal way. Tasers are the only products that are close to 100% effective. Stun guns and pepper sprays, which are by far the most popular, are only 90% effective and have their legal and environmental limitations.

We have always recommended that women especially learn self-defense techniques if for no other reason than to give you the self-confidence you need in an emergency. If your self-defense product fails, you have your hands as a nonlethal self-defense weapon although in some circumstances they can be lethal.

  1. You have probably seen examples of what strikes to the neck and head can do. At a minimum they can disable someone long enough for you to get away from a dangerous situation. At maximum, a powerful blow to the head can knock someone out and may cause death.
  2. The top of the head is the weakest part of the skull. A powerful strike there could cause damage to the cranial cavity possibly resulting in unconsciousness and bleeding.
  3. The temple area is also weak. There is an artery and large nerve that lies close to the skin. A strike here can also cause unconsciousness or concussion.
  4. The eyes are very vulnerable. A poke in the eyes can cause uncontrollable watering and blurred sight. A powerful jab could cause brief blindness. If the fingers penetrate through the thin bone behind the eyes and into the brain the eyes could be gouged out or death could result.
  5. The area under the nose is the nerve center of the nose. A powerful blow here could cause great pain and watery eyes.
  6. The throat area is the most exposed. A strong blow to the front of the throat can crush the windpipe possibly causing death or extreme pain.
  7. The side of the neck is also largely exposed. A blow below and slightly in front of the ear can cause maximum effect by knocking someone out by shocking the carotid artery or jugular vein.

Knowing where and how to hit a person in a confrontation is a great equalizer, allowing a smaller woman to disable a much larger opponent. Always carry your self-defense product with you; but as a backup, know these striking points-they may end up saving your life.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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