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Home Security – Protecting Your Valuables At Home Is Easy With These Diversion Safes

All banks in the United States have a type of safe called a vault-the premier way to protect valuables. Vaults are used by banks, casinos, large hotels or any business where large amounts of cash or valuables are stored. Some furriers even have vaults to protect their customers’ furs. Some art dealers do the same to protect their works of art. Wherever there is something of great value, a vault or safe is usually the way it is protected.

For homeowners it is absolutely no different-just on a smaller scale. Their valuables are just as important to them. Thus the need for a safe, secure way to protect them.

By far the most popular safes for homeowners are called “diversion” safes. They’re usually a common object that people are used to seeing, the more common the better. Inside the object is a hollowed out compartment to hide small valuables such as cash, keys, credit cards or even valuable papers. Some diversion safes are even big enough to hold handguns. They can look like anything from a soup can to a book; from a bottle of bleach to a can of car degreaser and anything and everything in between.

The whole point of these diversion safes is to hide valuables long enough so the burglar leaves without finding what he’s looking for. He can’t look everywhere and he would never think to look for cash or other valuables like jewelry in a diversion safe such as a soup can.

Burglars only spend on the average 10 minutes inside a house looking for things to steal that have value in a pawn shop or on the black market.

The most popular diversion safe is 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″ with real printed pages. Inside it has a secret compartment that is 6.5″ x 3.5″. This hardbound book is a good example of a diversion safe and is a great way to hide credit cards and any jewelry you may want to protect. This book safe will fit right into a bookshelf or even on a coffee table in plain sight.

The second most popular safe is a wall safe that is 33 pounds with an adjustable or removable shelf and uses a key lock to ensure security. It can be recessed into a wall so it can be hidden behind a painting, other artwork or mirror. The interior measures 10″ x 14″ x 3.5″ big enough to hide all your valuables or a handgun or two.

Those are two of the most popular safes in the marketplace today.

We carry close to 180 safes of all sizes and shapes. Our Large Book Safe is the most popular.

Our Wall Safe with key lock is an effective way to hide valuables too.

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