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Home Security – Outsmart the Latest Home Invasion Tricks with Fake Security Cameras

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the term “home invasion” but you may not be exactly sure what it is. It is two or more people who are usually armed with a handgun, knife or other weapon who enter your home, sometimes forcibly, to steal your property and do you bodily harm in the process if necessary. It is usually done at night when the homeowners are there.

This is a far different thing from a home burglary, which is done by one person during daylight hours who is unarmed. He is there to only steal your property. Home invaders are notorious for coming up with creative ways to get into your house.

Several months ago there was a diversion that got national attention, which involved two men wearing company logos, carrying a company toolbox that got into the target home. They were there, ostensibly to fix a gas leak. The homeowner got suspicious because he saw no truck from that particular company outside. That diversion or some variation of it works around the country for home invaders to get into the home of their choice usually with seniors sad to say.

Home invaders are using two new diversions to gain entry into their victims homes. They appear to be very effective. So we’re letting you know about them. The first involves turning on a water spigot on the front of your house in the middle of the night. When you finally hear it and look outside you see water running all over the place. Of course your first reaction is open your front door and turn the water off. The minute you open your front door the bad guys gain entry.

The second way is very sneaky and involves a crying child at your front door or at least the sounds of one. Of course you are more than curious and open the door to see what’s going on. Once you open your front door the bad guys march in.

Criminals seem to work overtime coming up with creative ways to cheat honest, hard-working citizens. If they can’t get into your house using subterfuge or diversion they may end up using brute force. Homeowners should be aware that the first thing you should do when somebody rings your doorbell or knocks on your door is to look through your peephole to see who it is, and under no circumstances let anyone in unless you know for sure who they are and why they’re there.

Two the very best ways to prevent a home invasion in the first place is to install security cameras on the outside your home or warning signs of security cameras or vicious guard dogs. Even fake security cameras work well because no one can tell the difference from the real thing.

Any one of our 36 choices for Fake Security Cameras will work to prevent a home invasion.

Even a warning sign in your front yard of a CCTV System in place sends a powerful message.

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