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Self Defense: Mace Brand Pepper Sprays Overview

Here we are going to take a look at Mace brand defensive sprays-long a leader for female self-defense.

The origins of Mace brand defensive sprays can be traced back to 1965 when the chemical “Mace” was invented by Alan Litman after his wife Doris was threatened on a street. It was the first commercial product of its kind. In 1987 John Goodrich bought the company along with Smith & Wesson’s chemical division. That’s the year that Mace filed for a trademark. In 1993 the company went public.

The name Mace is commonly used as a synonym for pepper spray when actually it isn’t. Technically speaking, Mace is a teargas that can be an ingredient in modern pepper sprays.

In 2004 Mace was the first company to introduce pepper gel. Pepper gel then had the longest range of any pepper spray product and to this day has a greater range than 95% of the pepper sprays in the marketplace. Because it was a gel it held up better in windy or rainy conditions. Most pepper sprays cannot even be used in those types of conditions.

Since that time, they have introduced other products that have been innovative and set the standard for the industry. They were one of the first companies to introduce products geared towards female self-defense. They recognized that women used pepper sprays much more than men so many of their products come in pink.

Mace brand was one of the first companies to introduce a UV marking dye into pepper sprays. This enabled law enforcement officials to identify an assailant after an attack when pepper spray was used.

Their triple action sprays contain oleoresin capsicum, which is the main ingredient in all defensive sprays, a component of CN teargas and the UV marking dye.

One of their most popular products is the pepper gun. It has a range of 25 feet making it the longest range of any self-defense product anywhere. It uses a ballistic stream so it holds up well in windy or rainy conditions. It uses replaceable cartridges that hold enough spray for seven shots of 25 feet each which makes it good for defense against multiple attackers. The 25 foot range also makes an effective self-defense tool against dog attacks.

Mace was one of the first companies to introduce a product specifically as a dog repellent and to this day it is the leading spray used to defend against dog attacks.

They offer a wide variety of products in different price ranges including disguised products such as pepper spray batons and one that is designed as a lipstick tube. Because of name brand recognition and longevity in the industry, Mace continues to be one of the leading selling defensive sprays in the world.

The Mace Pepper Gun has the longest range of any self-defense product at 25 feet and enough spray for seven shots of 25 feet each.

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