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Home Security – How To Make Your Home More Secure With These Easy, Inexpensive Tips

Many people who we have talked to seem to think that making your home more secure to protect it against burglary has to be an expensive proposition. The truth is home security can be expensive but it need not be. Here are three easy steps to increasing the security of your home without breaking the bank.

For those people who have a difficult time understanding the real threat of home burglary, let’s just say that if you own a home and stay in it for as little as five years, chances are very good that you will be a victim of a home burglary. Statistics show us that one out of every six homes, on average, is burglarized.

That’s why home security is so important. Your most valuable possession is your home. You personalize it by putting in your own touches as far as decorating and enhancing it to make the house your home. Those enhancements are frequently very expensive, and thus a target for burglars who look for smaller items that can be easily pawned for quick cash. Those items include cash, credit cards, jewelry and handguns; but any type of firearm is a high value target for burglars.

Use Diversion Safes

Burglars spend 10 minutes or less inside a home, looking for these items. If you can hide them well enough for that 10 minutes, chances are the bad guys will leave without any of your property. That is why using diversion safes or can safes as a way to hide and protect smaller items are so popular. These are common household products that people are used to seeing. But they have hollowed out interiors with screw on tops or bottoms. They are weighted down to feel like the real thing. Most of them are big enough to hold jewelry, cash and credit cards. Some are even big enough to hold handguns both big and small.

Start Or Join A Neighborhood Watch

If your neighborhood does not have a neighborhood watch program, we urge you to get one going. They are free and one of the most effective ways that you can deter crime not only for your home but for the whole neighborhood. Your local police department will have someone who can help you with getting one going.

Free Security Evaluation

Most police departments have someone on their staff who will do a free security evaluation of your home that is only dependent on availability of personnel and time. This is not a well-known service that police departments offer, so take advantage of it.

Those are three inexpensive, easy ways to make your home security better. What are you waiting for?

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