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Hidden Cameras Can Be Anywhere

Hidden Cameras Can Be Anywhere

In September, 2014 we did a story about Hidden Spy Cameras where we explained the many uses of hidden cameras to include the most popular use as a nanny camera. But they can also be used for home security, to keep an eye on wayward spouses, detecting elder abuse in the act, or to catch child abuse and even in a business situation to get cheating employees with their hands in the till.

Hidden spy cameras are used in real life situations.

The first episode of today’s story comes from Ireland where a home healthcare worker was found guilty of professional misconduct for stealing from her 97-year-old wheelchair-bound client. The healthcare worker got busted when the clients daughter placed hidden cameras in her mother’s bedroom. The subsequent video showed a healthcare worker taking 50 euro notes on numerous occasions. Fortunately, the franchise owner who placed the healthcare worker in the home, agreed to reimburse the client for the money-almost 3800 euros. The daughter tried several different kinds of cameras but couldn’t get the correct footage until she tried a wall clock camera in the bedroom.

A startling revelation in a New York Post article about Jared Fogle of Subway fame got a forensic psychiatrist to testify for his defense at the sentencing hearing claiming that the “diet made him do it.” You may remember that Fogle pleaded guilty to child pornography charges after hidden camera video showed him having sex with several minors. Fogle became a spokesman for Subway when he dropped 245 pounds on a diet that consisted mostly of their sandwiches.

This story tells of a child abuser who was caught on hidden camera aggressively pushing and yanking the kids, holding them face down in the carpet when they were crying, and leaving a five month old baby home alone on multiple occasions. The judge when he announced the sentence said that he was sickened by what he saw in the hidden camera video.

In Salem, Indiana a father suspected his wife of committing child abuse with their two kids so he placed a hidden camera in the home. The dad subsequently showed the video to the Salem City Police department. The Indiana State Police (ISP) then launched an investigation after looking at the video. The mother was arrested and is awaiting trial.

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Have you ever used a hidden camera? Why? Please share your experience with us. We want to hear from you!

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