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Hey Man Get Dressed Before You Burglarize My House

The first story that we did about naked burglars called ‘Hey Dude: Put Some Clothes On’ was such a big hit that we had to do another one. And who knows, maybe it will become a regular feature if we can find enough naked burglars.

In today’s article we will share with you three more stories about burglars doing their thing without any clothes on.

In the first chapter of today’s article our Naked Burglar is in the United Kingdom which shows that stupidity is not confined to the United States. Our naked burglar climbed into a couple’s bed armed with a knife and kissed the man before being chased down the street. Seems our burglar gathered items of value and then stripped naked. When the victim woke up the suspect was sitting on top of him holding a knife. The suspect eventually put his pants on and ran out of the home chased by the victim who fired three shots near the suspect to get him to stop.

In USA today comes a story from Bonita Springs, Florida where three Naked Burglars broke into a restaurant to steal hamburgers. After the general manager of the restaurant saw the security footage he realized there was not just one but three naked burglars who stole 60 hamburgers, 3 pounds of bacon, three red peppers and a paddleboard. Two female waitresses told the general manager they wanted the naked bandits to return. Don’t think that will happen!

In a Bellevue, Washington a homeowner reported a burglary in progress at his apartment. He told police dispatchers he had just returned home and found a naked man in his shower. When officers arrived they found no evidence of a suspect. The caller insisted that the suspect must have fled out the back door before the police arrived.

Police noted that the caller’s balcony is two stories up. He told police that he ordered the man to leave and then fell back asleep but when he woke up hours later he found the man in his bathroom again. Apparently the resident has a history of reporting suspicious burglaries.

The Rennerdale section of Collier Township outside Pittsburgh is usually pretty quiet. But recently a resident there saw what they believed to be a couple of men trying to break into cars. There was a chase, there was a struggle, and before the struggle ended, one of the suspects, a teenager, stripped out of all his clothes and ran away naked.

The police department went to their Facebook page and posted the evidence they had in hand: his clothing-size 10-and-a-half Nike Air Jordans, gym shorts, a “Lean Mean” t-shirt, Under Armour underwear and Copenhagen tobacco.

Authorities describe the clothing as smelling like cat urine and the shoes as having dog hair in them.

“We recovered his clothing and I put pictures of it on the department’s Facebook page figuring that somebody from the area knew him, and in fact they did,” said the chief. “I got numerous people from the area who called or emailed me and said, ‘Hey, I know those clothes.’ ”  It’s a testimony, says the chief, to the power of social media.

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What are your thoughts about using social media in the pursuit of justice to help catch criminals? Chime in with your thoughts and join the conversation.

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