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New Hidden Cameras-Product Reviews

In a story that we did not too long ago about Having A Spy Camera In Your Life we talked about the many uses of hidden cameras, but feel confident there are others.

In today’s article we are going to introduce you to several new hidden spy cameras we are carrying that deserve your attention.

The first one that we will take a look at is this Fake Smoke Detector WiFi Spy Camera. This decoy hardwired smoke detector provides covert surveillance with a hidden non-intercepting WiFi pinhole camera. The bottom view has 90 degrees of vision so you can see just about anything and never worry about blind spots. It allows you to stream in high definition 4K video footage anywhere, at any time using a PC or smart device and is able to operate in low light (1 lux or greater) and view footage up to 25ft away in the dark.

Next on our list is this Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker WiFi Spy Camera that is fully functional and would not look out of place in a home. Using the free smartphone application, it provides remote livestreaming, alerts, motion detection, scheduled recording, or can record video straight to a phone. I n my opinion one of the more exciting new products is this working alarm clock radio charging station iHome Night Vision Spy Camera. The built-in infrared sensors allow you to record in low light up to 20 feet away. The docking station can handle iPhones, iPads and iPods. No one would ever suspect that they are being recorded with this hidden spy camera that uses time stamps for each video.

These three hidden spy cameras listed above are also available with Wi-Fi capability which allows you to record and view remotely from anywhere.

We have more new ones including this Clock Radio Spy Camera that is a real working clock radio with a DVR and pinhole spy camera inside. We also have a computer speaker spy camera with a DVR and a rock speaker Wi-Fi spy camera that has a 75 degree viewing angle and weighs 7 pounds-perfect for that outdoor spy camera to keep an eye on the house from the outside or to protect your car from vandalism.

We are proud to say that we have the largest selection of Spy Cameras anywhere. The huge selection gives you a multitude of choices in a variety price ranges for different purposes. When are you getting one?

What have you used your hidden camera for? Share your secrets with us-we promise not to tell anyone!

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