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College Crime Rates in the United States – Something Has to Change

Recently a college out in Los Angeles, California received a lot of attention because of a lawsuit filed by several students. They are claiming, among other things, that the school maintained a hostile environment for victims of sexual assault and violated federal Title IX laws against sexual discrimination. They say that the school does not take sex crimes on campus seriously, as evidenced by the lame sentences handed out by the University judicial system.

For far too long female students who have made the claim of sexual assault are often dismissed out of hand. The facts are irrefutable from several different sources. Close to 30% of all women on campus will be sexually assaulted in her four years there. The assailant is known to the victim in close to 90% of the cases. Astonishingly enough, only 10% of all cases of sexual assault even get reported.

Female students who are victims are under enormous peer pressure to keep their mouths shut and not do anything. Why? Because their fellow students and classmates’ lives are at risk of being destroyed. A felony conviction doesn’t look good on a resume.

School officials do everything they can to keep those numbers of sexual assaults on campus low. Who wants to go to a college or university that has a reputation for high crime rate on campus? Can you imagine what that would do to endowments and fundraising? It would ruin them. And therein lies the reason institutions of higher learning do everything they can to avoid reporting these crimes.

Sexual assault is a felony everywhere in the United States except on a college campus. On a college campus it is considered a violation of the student handbook. Rather than getting a jail sentence students who are found guilty, may be suspended for a semester at the very worst, but more likely receive a light slap on the wrist.

Female students who are at risk need to learn how to defend themselves and should start with a self-defense course and learn some basic self-defense techniques. And follow that up by carrying a pepper spray or a stun device. They can provide immediate relief for an assault. A shot of pepper spray to the face will put any assailant out of action for as much is 45 minutes.

Despite efforts by legislatures to make laws such as the Violence Against Women Act and the Clery Act regarding reporting of crimes on a college campus, University officials continue to circumvent the spirit of those laws and keep the reputation of their school squeaky clean. Something has to change.

We humbly submit that it will never get any better until students start being prosecuted under the normal civilian judicial system instead of the school judicial system.

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