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Self-Defense Strategy: Striking Points that are Effective

There isn’t one person alive who shouldn’t be concerned about their own personal safety and personal security. Assaults on women are much more common than they are on men but they can happen to men as well. That is one of the reasons why self-defense products have become so popular. They offer a nonlethal way to provide for your own protection. And they are legal just about everywhere.

We have always encouraged people to carry at least one self-defense product with them. But pepper sprays and stun guns, which are the two most popular types of products for self-defense, have their shortcomings and are on average only 85 to 90% effective. That is why we recommend that as a basis for a self-defense strategy you learn the basics of how to defend yourself.

We have even suggested that school children start learning these basics at an early age and continue to practice them throughout their lives.

A self-defense training DVD can provide you with a world-class instructor teaching you the basics of self-defense in the comfort of your own home. The DVD can be watched over and over again so that muscle memory comes into play. When your life is on the line, you don’t want to have second thoughts on what to do. A few seconds here or there could make a difference. You need to react and react quickly.

Here are some striking points, or some call them pressure points, that can be used in any self-defense situation to disable an assailant rather quickly.

The Eyes are especially susceptible to injury. A poke in the eye can cause uncontrollable watering and blurred vision, perhaps even temporary blindness. There is no faster way to disable an assailant.

The Nose and the area under the nose are sensitive and vulnerable too. A sharp blow to the bridge of the nose can cause extreme pain, eye watering and perhaps even breaking the bones. The area under the nose contains a nerve center, which can cause great pain and watering eyes.

The Throat is a great target to attack with a hand or any object. A blow to the front of the throat can crush the windpipe and cause extreme pain.

If you know where these good striking points are on a body, you may not need a self-defense course or product, but they are good to know and good to have as a backup as part of your self-defense strategy.

The self-defense DVD course Womens Street Combat is geared specifically towards female self-defense isuues of rape prevention and predator defense.

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