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  • iKeyp Pro Electronic WiFi Smart Safe
  • Offers WiFi connectivity
  • Comes with remote open capability
  • Patented wings make for easy installation
  • Can even give you medication reminders
  • App allows for 24/7 security monitoring
  • Included backup key access
  • Alerts you of potential lockouts
  • Loud audible and visual alerts on your device from the app
  • Notifies you of failed keypad attempts
  • Safe is an air tight sealed compartment to control moisture
  • Smartphone app available for iOS and Android systems
  • Note: Does not come with batteries. (see accessories below)

iKeyp Pro Electronic WiFi Smart Safe uses your phone as well as a numerical keypad to lock and unlock your safe. Features expandable wings controlled on the inside of the safe for easy installation just about anywhere. The safe features a sealed compartment for storage so that you never have to worry about moisture ruining the things you want to keep safe the most. the phone app notifies you of important reminders to take medications, attempts at forced entry, and incorrect entry attempts.

  • iKeypPro Electronic WiFi Smart Safe
  • Weight with batteries: 4.15 lbs
  • Batteries Required: 4 x AA Alkaline (not included)
  • Exterior Dimensions (Wings Retracted): 6.0''H x 12.8''W x 3.4''D
  • Exterior Dimensions (Wings Extended): 6.0''H x 22.6''W x 3.4''D
  • Interior Dimensions: 4.6''H x 8.4''W x 2.5''D