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Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 45 Gun Safe


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Adjustable interior gun rack and door pocket organizer fits 45 guns safely!

Item No: BHS-45E Brand: blackhawk!
  • NOTE: There is currently a 5-9 day lead time on all Hollon safes
  • Black Hawk Fireproof 45 Gun Chrome Safe
  • 45 Gun Capacity
  • Fits almost any rifles size
  • Walls are a 10 gauge steel thickness
  • Open the door via the Smoky chrome 5 spoke handle
  • UL listed Group I high security Securam electronic lock
  • Secure safe with a 6 digit code of your choosing
  • Lock can have a manager code and a user code set
  • A 5 minute lockout will be activated after 4 failed code entries
  • Fourteen (14) 1.5" chrome bolts locks the door in place
  • Added security with drill and ballistic resistant hard plate built inside
  • When exposed to heat the Intumescent seal inside the door swells and seals
  • Heavy duty hinges hold the door in place
  • 90 minute fire resistant
  • Adjust interior gun rack shelves to your needs
  • Top shelf have steel reinforcement to handle heavy weights
  • Shelves are covered in a corded trim
  • Secure smaller items in the pocket organizer
  • Guns are protected from scratches with foam backed cushioned deluxe liner
  • Fire resistant 3 plug outlet with 2 USB inputs
  • Interior has an optional motion sensor LED light kit installed
  • Weighs: 1050 lbs.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 72" high, 45" wide, 28" deep
  • Interior Dimensions: 68 5/8" high, 41 5/8" wide, 23 1/8" deep
  • Lifetime warranty

Additional Description

Hollon is a leader in the safe industry and with the new Black Hawk gun safe series they've added even more depth to their products. The Black Hawk 45 gun capacity safe is made from a powerful and durable 10 gauge chrome steel. Built into the door is a drill and ballistic resistant hard plate and an intumescent seal, that when exposed to heat will swell and seal shut; more than enough to deter the most determined thief. The heavy duty door locks in place with fourteen 1.5" chrome bolts. Access to the vault is controlled by the UL listed Group I high security Securam electronic lock. It will unlock your safe after you input one of two 6 digit codes of your creation, either the manager code or user code. For added security, the lock will lock out any individual who inputs four incorrect codes for 5 minutes. The safe's door locks and unlocks with a simple twist of the 5 spoke chrome handle. Once the door is closed the safe has a fire rating of 90 minutes. Inside the safe you have space enough for even the longest rifles, adjustable shelves with a steel reinforced top shelf for heavy loads, and a pocket organizer on the back of the safe's door. All of this can comfortable fit up to 45 guns. The back of the safe is lined with a foam cushion and the shelves are covered in corded trim to protect the guns from scratches. Additionally, there is a fire resistant 3 plug outlet with 2 USB ports built into the safe.