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Why Home Invasions Are So Dangerous

Almost all home invasions end in some form of violence. You see it and read about it practically every day. And here’s a perfect EXAMPLE.

Burglaries are committed by one person who is unarmed. Burglars choose to do their work when they know that the home owners are not there Home invasions are usually committed by two or more people who are almost always armed. Home invaders to their work when the homeowners are home.

That is why they are so dangerous. The chances of bodily injury to the homeowner and his family are substantially increased.

One of the best ways to prevent a home invasion is to have a Home Security Camera outside your front and back door. With this type of camera you can see was at your front door on your television screen without leaving your living room. If you don’t know who is at your front door obviously don’t let them in.

If you suspect foul play is imminent, the extra time afforded with a security camera may save your life by giving you time to call the police department.

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