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What are the Best Stun Guns for Women?

stun guns for women

In this article we will discuss what some of the best stun guns for women and give you some reasons why they are the best. We will also explain how stun guns work and why they are so effective.

What Are Stun Guns?

They are hand-held devices used as a nonlethal self-defense product. Their popularity is due to their utility and effectiveness, which averages close to 90%. Many of them have flashlights included or are disguised as flashlights. Some even have personal alarms included in them.

 How Do Stun Devices Work?

They are battery-operated or use rechargeable technology to conduct a powerful electrical current which is applied to an assailant through the prongs on one end of the device. This electrical current uses high-voltage and low amperage to disable an assailant for 5 to 10 minutes. The electricity that goes into the assailant’s body causes his muscles to spasm and overwork in a very inefficient manner.

Women prefer stun devices that are small, powerful and disguised. The reasons women prefer these is because they have smaller hands and the more powerful devices need less time applied to an assailant for them to be effective. Here are some of the best stun guns for women.

There is a 3.5 million volt stun device that’s disguised as a cell phone. It is rechargeable and is only 4.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide-just perfect for women’s small hands. One of the main points of this stun device is it is only $19.95.

Another stun device that is disguised is the 4.5 million volt flashlight stun gun that comes in an aluminum alloy body. It has a 160 lumen extra bright flashlight with a 100,000 bulb life. One unique feature of this stun device is that the shock probes are concealed. It is relatively small for a powerful flashlight at less than 7 inches long. It is also rechargeable and has an accidental discharge safety switch.

Another one that is very powerful at 5 million volts is so small that it has a keychain attachment. It is only 3 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide and weighs only three ounces making it one of the smallest, most powerful stun devices available. And since it’s on a keychain, it can be with you, literally wherever you go. It also has included a powerful LED light which can be helpful in a self-defense situation or any emergency.

This Keychain Stun Gun is 5 million volts and can go where ever your keys go.

One of our 91 powerful Stun Guns can defend you in any confrontation.

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