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Vehicle Safety “Checklist”-Safety Tip Of The Week

A few weeks ago on the safety tip blog posting, I asked if anybody had some suggestions. I got a reply from Mark LeClair. Mark is a disabled Veteran after serving over 15 years in the Navy. Parachuting accidents shortened a very loved career in Naval Special Warfare.

Mark trains the Army full time on all firearms and systems on a weapons simulator and has trained over 78,000 soldiers (and others listed) in 6 years. His company is called “Smart Tactics”

He and his employees provide personal protection courses, custom courses, firearm lessons, advanced tactics and NRA Instructor certifications.

He offered us this “vehicle checklist” for personal safety courses that he teaches
“-Approach vehicle with door key in non-dominant hand

-Be aware of anyone loitering around your area

-Be watchful of anyone parked next to your car and still inside

-Enter through passenger side if nervous about someone parked next to your car and still inside

-Check the backseat

-Enter vehicle

-Close door and immediately lock it

-Start car

-Place in appropriate gear

-Then put on seatbelt

-Then worry about everything else

-Be aware using mirrors and have an escape plan

This has been quite effective and I added a video his website (, which provides a decent visual to those that do not understand how easy it is to be surprised.”

Thanks to Mark for allowing us to use his tips.

Check out his website ( he has some articles that are worth reading and you may even want his services as an instructor.

I would add one tip-carry a self defense utilty product like the Diablo Flashlight Stun Gun

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Do you have some safety tip suggestions? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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