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Types of Stun Devices: Choices Galore

Types of Stun Devices: Choices Galore

When you hear the words stun gun most people think of a hand-held device that is one of the most popular self-defense items especially for female self-defense. Stun devices are in fact the second most popular personal safety and personal defense item-second only to pepper sprays.

Because of competition between manufacturers, there are many types and styles of stun guns. Here we are going to discuss the various types and styles of stun guns so you can get a feel to see which one might be best for you. There are choices galore to choose from.

When I first got started in this business nearly 10 years ago, I remember very well that almost all stun devices were battery operated. The more power the stun gun had, the bigger it needed to be because it needed a place to store all the batteries. Those days are pretty much gone.

Almost all stun guns have the same look. They have two prongs on one end. But some of them have six prongs on one end and another model has two sets of prongs separated by 2 1/2 inches.

Additionally, some stun devices are disguised as other products. The most popular is one that looks just like a cell phone. And to keep up with the times, a recent development is a stun gun that looks like a very popular smartphone but is a powerful stun device. Others are disguised as flashlights, ballpoint pens, lipstick dispensers, and perfume dispensers

It used to be that stun guns were all black, but with the emergence of women as the primary purchasers of stun devices, manufacturers have changed their thinking and almost all offer pink as an alternative color.

Besides the basic handheld model of stun device that has two or more prongs on one end, the next most popular model is the stun baton. It is not a self-defense baton in the true sense of the word but only in the sense that it extends the reach of the stunning end by as much as close to 2 feet.

Stun devices have become a popular product for female self-defense and for the personal security and personal safety of anyone who chooses to buy one. They can disable an assailant for up to 10 minutes by depleting all the blood sugars in the body. This robs the body of all energy that is needed to do anything. The results are not long-lasting.

Stun devices are legal in most states but check with your local police department before you consider getting one to make sure they’re legal where you live.

The disguised Smartphone FriPhone is 14 million volts and looks just like a smartphone.

The popular Diablo Tactical Flashlight is 5 million volts and 320 lumens to light the way.

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