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“Three Stooges” Style Self Defense

“Three Stooges” Style Self Defense

Have you ever taken a self-defense course? There are a variety of self-defense DVDs available in the marketplace today. They are all effective in one way or another. They teach a variety of techniques which when practiced can lead to the foundation of a good self-defense strategy.

Not everyone carries a self-defense weapon with them at all times. Assaults, particularly against women can happen anytime, anywhere.

We have always recommended that women especially who are targeted for attacks so many more times than men learn self-defense and carry a self-defense product with them. As a matter of fact, for years we have been espousing that children starting at an early age be taught the basics of self-defense in school. Some schools are actually starting to do this. When practiced on a continuing basis, a high level of proficiency can be attained.

It not only teaches young girls how to defend themselves, but it may give young boys reason to pause in later years before they think about assaulting a woman-if they know the damage that can be done by a young woman trained in martial arts or self-defense principles.

In this blog post we will discuss the best striking points for self-defense not only for women but men as well. We will also give you an idea of what a well-placed strike can do to a person. This is not meant as a substitute for a quality self-defense training class such as this one which provides young women and girls a way to defend themselves.

We will concentrate on the high section of the body that includes the head and neck area which many people consider to be the most dangerous area to target.

  1. The Eyes – many people visualize the old “Three Stooges” movies where Larry, Curly or Moe would poke someone in the eye. This is no joke because a slight poke in the eye can cause severe watering and blurred sight. A more forceful poke can cause blindness or even death if the fingers penetrate the skin and bone behind the eyes and into the brain.
  2. The Nose – anybody who has ever been hit in the nose, knows the pain and eye watering that it causes. Depending on the force of the blow, the thin bones of the nose could easily be broken. At the base of the nose is the nerve center which is very tender. A strong upward thrust of the nose could possibly cause death.
  3. The Side Of The Neck – a sharp strike to the side of the neck below and slightly in front of the ear can cause unconsciousness by shock to the carotid artery. The side of the neck is actually one of the best targets to use to drop an opponent with one strike.
  4. The Temple Area – an artery and large nerves close to the skin at the temple area where the bones of the skull are weak. A powerful strike here can cause a concussion or knock someone out.
  5. The Throat – the windpipe can be crushed by a strong blow to the front of the throat which could result in death. A less forceful blow causes gagging and vomiting not to mention extreme pain.

These are the major areas where a powerful strike or two can disable an assailant in the event that you do not have a self-defense weapon such as a pepper spray or stun device with you. Unarmed combat techniques are an important tool for everyone to have at their disposal.

Knowing these self-defense striking points and mimicking them for practice on an opponent may save your life one day. But again we emphasize this is not a substitute for a quality self-defense course of any stripe. It can teach you these techniques in a broader scope, and you have the opportunity to learn from a professional-a world-class instructor.

Have you ever been attacked? What did you do? Did you have any training to defend yourself? A self-defense weapon? Join the dialog. Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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