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Two New Wireless Spy Cameras for Home and Nanny Surveillance

One of the primary uses of a hidden spy camera is as a nanny camera to keep an eye on your children and on their babysitter or nanny while you’re away from home. One of the most anxious moments for young parents is the first time they leave their newborn baby with a babysitter or nanny. I remember it well. I can’t remember what the occasion was that we went out to celebrate but I remember how anxious I was about leaving our first child with a complete stranger.

And basically that’s what you’re doing, you’re leaving your child with a stranger. Even if it’s a daughter or son of a neighbor you have no idea what their background is-if they are on drugs or if they’re alcoholics or who their friends are. So especially with someone new, set some very strict guidelines for them to follow and then get a hidden camera. It pays to keep an eye on them without them knowing it of course. And that’s where a nanny camera can come in handy.

When you’re looking for a nanny camera you need to do it covertly that’s why hidden spy cameras are so effective. They are board cameras that are hidden inside common everyday objects that no one thinks twice about seeing.

Here’s information about two new spy cameras that actually fit onto a wall, giving you crystal-clear vision of what’s going on in that room. They can both help with your parenting duties. They both have a DVR to record the action.

The first is a non-functioning wall outlet that can literally be placed anywhere because you use mounting tape to stick it to a wall. The camera records to a 4 GB micro SD card. The rechargeable battery lasts up to five days. The camera uses motion activated recording and all video is stamped with the date and time.

The second is a spy camera looks like a Wall Light Switch. It uses a rechargeable battery that will last up to five days in standby mode. All video is recorded using motion activated recording with a date and time stamp for easy retrieval. It comes with 4 GB SD card but will support up to a 32 GB card for more data storage. No wires are needed for this great product because there is adhesive that can affix it to any wall.

Those are two brand-new hidden spy cameras that can be used as nanny cameras to keep an eye on your kids and your nanny and help with parenting.

The Outlet Spy Camera can also be placed anywhere in a room using the mounting tape.

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