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Tips On How To Use Self-Defense Stun Guns Safely And Properly

Since stun devices continue to be the second most popular self-defense item behind pepper sprays, we thought we’d offer some stun gun tips on how to use them safely and properly. Unlike tasers, which are a form of stun device, stun guns use high-voltage and low amperage to disable an assailant for as long as 10 minutes.

“Stun guns are small handheld devices with two or more prongs on one end that conduct an electrical charge generated by batteries,” many of which are rechargeable. Once the device is activated, electric arcs fly back and forth between the prongs creating an intimidating visual and audio display of sights and sounds which is frequently enough to scare away an attacker.

Once a stun device is applied to an assailant, the electrical charge causes the body to work very rapidly, depleting it of all blood sugars that are needed for energy. This gives you enough time to escape a potentially deadly situation and seek help.

So here are those tips on stun guns safety.

  1. The very first tip is to make sure you read the directions that came with the stun gun carefully.
  2. The distributor that you got the stun device from has a responsibility to make sure they are legal in your area before he ships it to you. It may not be a bad idea for you to double check and make sure that they are legal where you live.
  3. Know that the stun device is a weapon and that misuse of it can be grounds for criminal charges against you.
  4. Know where the safety switch is located on your device. Every stun gun has at least one safety feature to prevent accidental discharge.
  5. Every stun device has an on-off switch or activation button. Learn where that is and practice using it so you get used to the feel of it.
  6. As we mentioned, once activated the sights and sounds created by the flying sparks back and forth on the prongs can be quite intimidating. Make sure you are used to hearing of sights and sounds so that when you do activate it for real they won’t scare you.
  7. Make sure the stun device is charged before it’s used. Ensure that rechargeable stun devices do not charge for more than eight hours at a time.
  8. Overcharging can void the warranty. Under normal use, we recommend that the batteries be recharged for eight hours every two months.
  9. You can test fire the stun device, but for no more than one second.

If you follow these safety tips, you will maximize the benefit of this amazing self-defense weapon.

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