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The Stun Device: An Amazing 5 Second Cure For An Assault

Karen had just finished a long day at the office and was headed down the stairs at her office building to the parking lot where she had her car. She thought she heard footsteps above her as she was descending the stairs. But when she stopped to look she didn’t see or hear anything so she continued on her way. She got outside and was about 10 feet from her car when someone grabbed her from behind and had her in a choke hold.

She already had her keys in her hand to get into the car but attached to the key ring was a stun device that was 5,000,000 volts. She reached under her arm and applied the stun device below the rib cage of her assailant sending the 5,000,000 volts into his body. The assailant’s body seized up and he let go. That, my friends, is the amazing 5 second cure for an assault.

Stun devices can be applied anywhere on an assailant’s body, but the best places are below the rib cage, on the upper shoulder and the upper hip on both the right and left side. That makes six places for maximum effectiveness.

Stun guns work by sending a powerful electrical charge into the body’s muscular system. The electrical charge makes the body’s muscles work extra hard for those 5 seconds. In that time the blood sugars are used up so he has no energy left. There are no long-lasting effects from a stun device, but it can disable an assailant for 5 to 10 minutes, which is why it is so popular for female self-defense and personal defense and personal safety of anyone-men and women alike.

And here’s something that many people don’t know. Those who do sexual assaults and attack women are not necessarily the sharpest knives in the drawer; but they are aware of what self-defense products can do, particularly pepper sprays and stun devices. Stun devices when activated all make a sizzling, crackling sound that is quite intimidating. That is the sound of the electrical sparks flying back and forth from the two probes on the end. Even the light display from those flying sparks is very scary. Sometimes just activating the stun device and showing it to the assailant is enough to scare him away.

Stun guns are the second most popular self-defense item in the country. They are extremely effective for personal safety and personal security and are a personal defense item. They are especially popular with women for female self-defense.

The Smartphone Stun Gun looks just like a smart phone but is a 3.8 million volt stunner.

Small Stun Devices are a great defense for women against assault.

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