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The Best Self-Defense Books Or DVD’s For Women

There are many people, including this author, who believe that self-defense books and self-defense DVDs are a great way for anyone, but especially women, to learn the basics of self-defense. For women it is a great way to improve their personal safety by learning women’s defense techniques to improve their personal security. Women are, after all, subject to attacks nine times more often than men.

In this article we will review the best self-defense books or DVDs for women that can teach women’s defense techniques to improve their personal safety and personal security. The reason we believe they are so effective is because they are taught by world-class experts in their field.

Pepper spray is the world’s most popular self-defense product. It is legal just about everywhere. But knowing how to use it properly is another matter. In this self-defense book on Tactical Defense Sprays you can learn how to use defensive sprays to “bring criminals to their knees.” It will teach you how to choose the right defensive spray for your needs and what the different defensive sprays are. They are not all the same. It will also teach you how to properly carry and shoot your pepper spray. It is 32 pages packed with information on how to protect against multiple assailants and date rape. It also teaches you how to use it against assailants with guns and knives.

The second most popular self-defense DVD is entitled Women’s Combat and is taught by Kimber Johnson who is a lifetime martial artist and assault survivor. In this one-hour video she teaches how to defend against being suddenly shoved from any direction, how to defend against choking and prevent being pinned and having your hair pulled. She also teaches rape prevention techniques and predator defense techniques. It is one of the few self-defense DVDs on the market today that is specifically geared toward women.

And the third most popular self-defense book that can act as a great teaching tool for women’s defense techniques to improve their personal safety and personal security, believe it or not, is the Marine Close Combat course that shows you the methodology and techniques used by the best fighting force in the world-United States Marines. This is an actual Fleet Marine force manual with 190 pages of instruction.

The reason we are so high on these self-defense books and self-defense DVDs is because they can rapidly improve women’s personal safety and personal security by following the techniques taught by these experts.

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